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Car Wash

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In addition to providing quality auto detailing and window tinting services to the Phoenix, AZ area, Zendejas Detail Shop has the best car wash in the city because we take the time and make the effort to offer superb service.

There are no self service or automated car washers in our facility. Every car we wash is washed by hand, so you can be sure to get that personal touch that is often absent from this business. Hand washing allows us to exert greater control and accuracy when it comes to car cleaning, meaning that your vehicle will be cleaner than it would be if it had been washed by a machine.

Because we wash all cars by hand, our washing services are a bit slower than others in the area, which is why our employees work in teams to wash your car. By working in teams we are able to make up for the time lost by hand washing, and we also have a built in quality-control system. Team members can call attention to a missed spot and make sure that the quality of the wash is always maintained.

Our car wash services include:

• Doors and jambs
• Interior and exterior window washing
• Exterior hand wash and hand dry with chamois
• Vacuuming
• Bug, tar, and other debris removal
• Tire dressing

We recommend you have your car washed once a week. This will keep it looking fresh and new and reduce the time it takes to wash.

On top of our standard car washing plan, we also have a wash-and-wax plan that includes everything contained in the standard version, while adding polishing and waxing services.

If you want the satisfaction that comes with a clean, hand-washed car, then don’t hesitate to bring your car to Zendejas Detail Shop for your next car wash.